Full System Lifecycle Services

Lifecycle BlueprintAmerican Heattek believes that systems can be designed, installed and operational with fewer problems, less hassles and minimal rework. When things wear out or break down, we believe that existing systems cannot only be repaired quickly and cost-effectively, but in many cases, improved with thoughtful updates and optimization. Our team treats every system as if it were our own bringing a high level of dedication and tenacity into every project—large or small.

It continues with knowledge and technical expertise. Our technicians, programmers and installers are constantly updating their skills with internal and manufacturer provided training and certification. Moreover, their skills are sharpened on the job when they are troubleshooting an existing system or delivering high performance, tight operating tolerance solutions on budget and on time. As a technology oriented company, we continually seek out the best products, software and technology that will consistently increase the control, efficiency and sustainability available to every building we service.

We design and install systems for reliability and performance. We service systems for reliability and performance. At every step, American Heattek is there for you.

Lifecycle Blueprint DrawingDesign

Designing a building automation and/or HVAC/R system that works for you is much more than just ordering parts from a catalog. When American Heattek designs a system, we begin with you. We examine the building, or its design for new construction, and study how the building is being utilized. Next, we explore your concerns, challenges and operational objectives for the building relative to the building automation system. Energy and environmental considerations, processes and workflows, sustainability, budget and related considerations form the base requirements upon which we craft a design that will meet your current needs. We recognize that building controls must integrate across a variety of HVAC, security and other systems transparently and allow for future maintenance and upgrade. Our forward looking design approach gives you the flexibility and affordability you need to maximize the performance of your facility with the lowest total cost of ownership.

Lifecycle WorkerInstallation

When we install a system, we ensure that all elements are properly integrated and functional according to spec. Our technicians and installers go the extra mile treating each system with the utmost care and attention to detail as if it were our own. Before we turn the system over to you, every functional detail is verified onsite to make sure that things work the way we say they will. We eliminate surprises and failures when a system is commissioned. Enjoy fewer delays, arguments and cost overruns when American Heattek implements your system.

Lifecycle TroubleshootingTroubleshooting

When system problems occur, it doesn’t need to be a costly nightmare. American Heattek is committed to solving operational difficulties quickly, economically and optimally. The homework begins the moment you pick up the phone and call us. Our technicians will work with you to resolve the problem expediently. In many cases, problems can be identified and diagnosed while you are on the phone. An even larger percentage of problems can be identified and diagnosed when one of our trained technicians remotely accesses your system through a computer in our office that links to your in-house building automation system via the Internet. Of course, when we are needed onsite to implement a repair or to troubleshoot the problem hands on, our team is available 24×7 to get you back in operation as quickly as possible. We don’t waste your time or money. Many times, we can also offer you an upgrade or replacement that would further optimize the efficiency and economy of your system because we are always looking out for ways to maximize your investment.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance program offers significant savings when compared with a break-fix scenario. Remember, the true cost of an equipment failure is not strictly limited to the cost of parts and labor. Breakdowns can result in:

  • Lifecycle Preventative MaintenanceProduction delays and work stoppages.
  • Reduced or list productivity when working under less than optimal environmental conditions.
  • Facility or property damage when environmental conditions are outside of operational tolerances.
  • Budget shortfalls because unexpected and unbudgeted system failures can suck dollars from other budget areas when you can least afford it.

A preventative maintenance program puts you in the driver’s seat since you control when and where maintenance and support happen. You enjoy a predictable and modest cost structure that is easy to budget for while avoiding unexpected operational disruptions. Preventative maintenance programs through American Heattek give you the peace of mind knowing that your building is always operating at peak efficiency with the lowest risk of equipment breakdown.