As a Subcontractor

As a Subcontractor Mechanical contractors and general contractors need authorized and certified subcontractors like American Heattek as a contractual requirement. Winning the bid is only the beginning. American Heattek takes pride in what they do and they know what they are doing. Not only are they economical, they are true consultative partners with keen troubleshooting skill. Their interpretation of contract documents is excellent. They raise issues and questions proactively. They help us do the job right the first time. American Heattek gets it done and done right without fuss or muss.

For example, a recent contract wanted to provide meters on utilities that would measure gas and electricity usage on daily, weekly and monthly basis but the contract was quite vague as to what should be provided. American Heattek just took care of it, without have to run up the chain saving time and money. They can work it out amongst themselves and do the job right without a lot of paperwork and delay. They make the project manager’s job easier. They are intelligent, knowledgeable and proactive about completing assigned work rather than depending on the GC to lead them by the nose for direction.As a Subcontractor

Moreover, John Stypa is a fair businessman. His staff works smoothly with the rest of the project team. His excellent communications skills let him breakdown a complex system and explain it to others in layman’s terms. They’ve earned our trust that they can do it right.