Saving Energy & Dollars with Energy Saving Retrofits

Saving EnergyAccording to recent reports, U.S. commercial building owners could save an average of 38% off heating and cooling bills by making their HVAC systems more efficient with the installation of a few energy saving controls. Keeping operating expenses to a minimum is essential to survival during rough economic times. When, according to the US Energy Information Administration (EIA), buildings consume 49% of all energy used and 75% of all electricity used in the United States, finding economical ways to cut expenses and conserve energy are imperative. Inefficient buildings cause you to overpay for energy while also increasing wear and tear on equipment. American Heattek can offer you the means to cut building operating costs as well as utility costs.

Energy Assessment

Energy AssessmentLet American Heattek show you how and wear you can save energy by upgrading and integrating your operation. One of our technicians will meet with your facility management staff and inspect your air conditioning, refrigeration, heating and ventilation equipment, controls, air compressors, and anything else that is consuming energy. We will identify the problem areas and the opportunities for improvement that could yield significant energy savings. We will estimate the potential savings to complete the picture. With rising energy costs, a timely retrofit can help you avoid some of these future cost increases while helping offset the cost of any upgrade.

Retrofit and UpgradeRetrofit and Upgrade

American Heattek is expert at blending old technology already in place with newer technology to yield a superior solution that doesn’t require you to throw everything away. In addition, this blended solution delivers you far more information and control so that can make intelligent decisions with greater speed and agility. Open protocols, web interfaces and the like give you more access from anywhere and not just in the boiler room. We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach that rarely works in these situations. We carefully examine the existing equipment looking for problems, defects or disconnects that might degrade the resulting solution. We strive to reuse existing physical infrastructure creatively to keep your cost down while maximizing the optimization of the resulting retrofit.


With energy costs skyrocketing, now is the time to consider retrocommissioning your building or facility. Retrocommissioning makes sense when system performance seems degraded and energy usage is inexplicably rising. Retrocommissioning is critical as systems and buildings age, especially when changes to systems have been made that may have not been properly documented or verified. When occupant comfort suffers and tight tolerances for systems operation are being missed, you need to call the retrocommissioning experts at American Heattek. When American Heattek retrocommissions a facility, we examine every aspect of your controls and systems as we bring everything back up to “factory fresh” settings and specifications. We will verify and document all key building systems are performing in accordance factory specifications helping you reduce both energy consumption and operating costs.

Integration Savings

IntegrationUpgrading and integrating the control of building systems as you replace broken or deficient parts can also decrease operating costs. With a centrally managed building automation system, you can closely monitor and more tightly control energy consumption thereby keep cost to a minimum. Advances in controls and sensor technology make these upgrades affordable with short payback periods. In some cases, payback is achieved in less than a year. Integration reduces operating cost as system controls become uniform and simplified. Furthermore, integrated controls means regulatory compliance is a snap.

Green and Sustainability

The demand for sustainable, green buildings continues to grow. Government green building initiatives and regulatory demands are growing as well. American Heattek can help you achieve a more sustainable HVAC/R system that will improve your image in the community while reducing your energy footprint.

Let American Heattek be your sustainable energy partner and ask us how we can save you real dollars.